SHS Class of 1961
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Date New/Updated
12/25/2012 Found: Angela Giordano
12/29/2011 New Bio and Picture: John Ekdahl
12/05/2011 New Bio: Elaine Rezny Jeffries
12/05/2011 Reunion Pictures from Ellen Roberts Lewis
11/25/2011 I just found a couple of pictures Jeff Wortman sent me on his way to the reunion. I added them to this page.
11/23/2011 New Bio and Picture: Arthur Woldan
11/23/2011 New Bio: Chris Ridabock
11/06/2011 New Picture and Bio: Joe Diamond
10/31/2011 New captions added to reunion pictures posted 10/29/2011
10/17/2011 New Bio: Norris Goldberg Gaynor
10/16/2011 Just found some Bios sent to me in August when I was going away that I failed to post: Myra Reingold Promisel, Dell Worn Mitchell, Diane Frum Reed
10/05/2011 New Bio: Norman Cosentino
10/04/2011 New Bio: Patricia Drenchen Baldasty
10/04/2011 New Bio: Charlie Strauss
10/04/2011 New Bio: Danielle (Dinah Ruth) Forestier
10/04/2011 New Bio: Susan Kraft Zemelman
09/30/2011 New Bio: Ivan Karp
09/29/2011 New Bio: David Gross
09/29/2011 New Bio: Ted Copland
09/09/2011 New Bio: Virginia (Ginny) Correa Herrmann
09/04/2011 New Bio: Judy Buchanan Lata
07/15/2011 New Bio: Richard Meyer
07/27/2011 New Bios: Mike Ginolfi and Peggy (Vingee) Ginolfi
07/05/2011 New Bio: Mary (Ginger) Moore Briles
10/14/2010 New Bio: Arthur Woldan
07/04/2010 New Bio: Marion Peterson Long
12/06/2009 Oops, I forgot all about this page, so it hasn't been updated in four years. I continue to update addresses as I receive them. Found lots of classmates on Facebook this summer and have updated their information in the database. Check out our webpage to discuss reunion planning: SHS '61 on Facebook.
12/06/2009 Some of the Bios updated this year: 2009 Bios
12/24/2005 Happy Holidays!   Added a link to the Class of 1960 and our updated classlist contains some new addresses.
03/28/2005 Bio Added: Dick Moccia
07/20/2004 Carmela (Mancuso) Lusita reported seeing Alfred Judge's obituary in the Stamford Advocate. Some addresses in the data base were also updated.
07/06/2004 Notes added on: Ron Schaller
07/04/2004 It's definitely a Happy 4th of July!  This weekend we heard from John Brix who was listed as Deceased ... John says he looks a little older, but certainly seems alive.
06/25/2004 Notes added on: Joyce Jensen Finn
06/23/2004 Notes added on: Wayne Butler plus a few new eMail addresses.
04/19/2004 Notes added on: Carmela (Mancuso) Lusita.
03/21/2004 Bio Added: Catherine Hamill
02/22/2004 Bio Added: Richard Mogey
01/08/2004 Notes about various classmates made prior to the reunion were added ... scan the Class List and click on Biography. Other recent Bio's;  Sebastian Interlandi, Shelly (Brown) Levine and Art Woldan
01/02/2004 The Class List and all its various sorts have been updated.
12/20/2002 Bio Added: Susan (Ardo) Berger
10/08/2002 Bio's Added: Judy (Fillmore) Campbell, A Tribute to Peggy (Welby) Chicatell, Sharon Dell (Worn) Mitchell, Camille (Cam Vrbanich) Rimek