Asia 2005

With over 6,500 pictures (including 4,500 I took) it seemed impossible to create web pages that would give any sense of what we saw, so I did a video slide show instead.  Hope you get a chance to see the DVD version, but if you have a high-speed line you can down-load the slide show.   Beware ... it is 200MB, and will take over 10 hours unless you have high-speed internet access.  If you do down-load it, choose the option to save it on your machine so you can watch it in sections (be sure you remember where on your machine you put it).

What follows is a work in progress ... an experiment to see if I can make web pages from ALL the images in the show so people who see the slide show can get a copy of a favorite image.  Then as I get a chance, I try to select some I like.

Asia Map

Selected images:

(Access to higher resolution pictures requires a password.)

June's Retrospective

Below you'll find ALL of the pictures used in the video slide show ... if there's one you want let me know the name/number and I'll upload a higher resolution version which you can access by clicking on the original small picture (on either the pages above or below).

Asia Map

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